Many sellers are comfortable with all aspects of the selling process but know that 98% of homes for sale are listed in the local multiple listing servce (MLS). The first thing they should remind themselves is the MLS is your best marketing tool when trying to attract buyers to your property. Few brokers will allow you to “only” list on the MLS. We are one of the few.

And our Flat Fee Lsiting package includes a lot of benefits that most other services either don’t have or charge extra. Consider the lockbox, yard signs, virtual tour and mobility sign, unlimited duration and unlimited price changes. These are just a few. Give us a call and we’ll give you the best deal available.

photo of real estate agent Steve Southerland
Steve Southerland
Steve is the founder of Southerland Real Estate. And while he takes pride in having turned his dream into a robust reality, all that takes a back seat to the customer care he provides.