Buying a home can be very confusing even for the buyer going through a purchase for the second or third time. It is important that buyers be familiar with the process to keep it running smoothly. Here is a simple “Buyers Checklist” to refer to during the home purchase, giving you a plan to be an active participant. Problems arise when you “react” to demands from others involved in your purchase.

Buyers Checklist

1.  Find a lender you trust and will work with you. The first step is to get “pre-qualified” for a loan. This gives you a price range to start your home search.

2.  Make a list of features you want in your home; include neighborhood, schools, and other needs you want considered.

3.  Find a real estate agent who understands your needs and will search for homes meeting your criteria. It is important the agent you select will work to get you the best deal possible for your new home.

4.  Make sure the benefits to buying a home is financially sound for you. Talk with a CPA, lender and/or agent.

Suggestion: The quickest way to get an offer accepted is to make a “fair” offer and avoid unnecessary contingencies. Discuss this with your agent.

Remember: The best way to make sure your agent will work for you; sign an “Exclusive Right to Represent.” Without this, the agent is legally bound to the desires of the seller which means they actually work for the seller. When you sign with an agent, there is an agreement to work for you alone to get the best deal possible. Information of any type cannot be shared with other parties without your permission.

Keeping all this in mind will help make this home buying experience more enjoyable with less stress on you and your family.

photo of real estate agent Steve Southerland
Steve Southerland
Steve is the founder of Southerland Real Estate. And while he takes pride in having turned his dream into a robust reality, all that takes a back seat to the customer care he provides.