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Dec 21, 2014


I am trying to catch up all the loose ends. The past several weeks weI have lived in a whirl wind. We wanted to just take a moment and say thanks for your support in the sale of our home in Eagle Point. As you know with all the new construction in our neighborhood the competition is steep in home sales. Many houses stay on the market for over a year. We know that price is a major component of any sale but without exposure one could be giving a home away and have not takers. You and your professional service were excellent in providing the exposure and support we needed to get our home sold. We think it took about six weeks to get it sold. We are confident your expert composing of our listing in the MLS was a key factor in the sale of our home. The picture you took and the way you put them together made our house stand out above many others in the neighborhood listed in the MLS. The folks that bought our house saw the listing on Realtor.com. They contacted an agent that had sold them the home they were living in an asked her to set it up. They came in our house and were there for less than twenty minutes. We heard them say yep that is just like the picture, and yep just like the picture and again just like the picture. They did not call the agent and tell her to find them a house they had already done the research and contacted the agent to set up the appointment. The listing as published on Realtor.com with the way you put it together portrayed the house as it really is and generated the interest for someone to come and see. We just wanted you to know that we are so appreciative for your help and support. It was the time of day you recommended and the way you put the listing together that created such a quality listing. The sale went off without a hitch and we are now in a temporary home trying to complete all of our business loose ends before moving to Florida. From both of us we say thanks for all your help and support. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.


Gil and Libby

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Steve Southerland
Steve is the founder of Southerland Real Estate. And while he takes pride in having turned his dream into a robust reality, all that takes a back seat to the customer care he provides.