The success of our $399 Flat Fee MLS service has been extraordinary.  And the feedback I have recieved from our clients has been consistently positive.  As I strive to differentiate our offering in the marketplace, I have discovered that the Flat Fee MLS packages offered by our competitors falls flat in two primary areas.

First, I have yet to find another “local” agent offering this service.  None of the major brokerages offer the service as they see it as an affront to their longstanding business models.  In fact, many of our clients are agents from other firms that list with us because their own brokerage charges them full service commissions to sell their own homes!!  Being local means we meet our clients in person, understand their needs better, and can adapt much more quickly to the marketplace.

Second, our Flat Fee MLS offering is all inclusive.  We don’t tempt you with worthless low cost Flat Fee packages only to nickel and dime you with upgrades.  Our package is inexpensive yet complete.  I’ve yet to find a better value anywhere, local or online.

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photo of real estate agent Steve Southerland
Steve Southerland
Steve is the founder of Southerland Real Estate. And while he takes pride in having turned his dream into a robust reality, all that takes a back seat to the customer care he provides.